About Us

Being a mum and dad to four, we have had our fair share of sore throats, colds, hay fever, travel sickness, and even painful ears when flying. Like so many parents, we were always on the look-out for natural alternatives to help soothe the symptoms associated with these everyday complaints. However, natural choices for children are minimal, especially in a format, they will like.

​Taking honey and lemon in its raw form may help a sore throat, but one of our boys doesn’t like honey! Ginger has been used for travel sickness for years, but one doesn’t like ginger. The list goes on…

For this reason, we decided to craft a natural alternative for everyday ailments in a way that children enjoy!

Our Quest

After lots of research, we picked a range of natural, soothing botanical extracts, which are still used in traditional remedies today.

The only question left was how everyone’s children could benefit from these amazing plants in a way they will enjoy? What better way than in tasty naturally flavoured lollipops! That was when Healthipops was born, for which we are very proud.


Our Future

Many families are affected by cancer, our own included. Both my mum and our daughter had a diagnosis, and the many side effects of the powerful drugs used can be unpleasant; from dry and sore ulcerated mouths to an unpleasant taste, to name only a few.

Why is this our future you may ask?

The Healthipops family would like to craft a Healthipop to give children a little natural relief when they are undergoing treatment for cancer. If we can make just one child smile while going through such a traumatic time, we will know we have achieved our goal.

Maxi & Nick