Great tasting Healthipops

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Do you want to top-up your child’s vitamin and mineral intake?

Are you looking to help soothe a sore throat naturally?

Is painful ear popping during take-offs and landings a problem whilst flying?

Healthipops has a lollipop to help

Whether ensuring your kids take vitamins and minerals, helping them soothe a sore throat, or making sure they enjoy flight take-offs ear pop free – Healthipops has a lollipop to help.

Essential vitamins and minerals are added to support general wellbeing and the immune system.

Beneficial sustainably sourced botanical extracts offer natural soothing relief.

Healthipops have been given the thumbs up from parents and kids, even from the fussiest of eaters!

Healthipops with natural botanicals

Healthipops are vegan

Healthipops are naturally coloured

Healthipops are naturally coloured

Healthipops support immunity

The Healthipops family

About Us

We are a mum and dad to four and know the problems faced with making sure our children eat a healthy and varied diet and receive their essential nutrients. We also know what it is like when they are feeling under the weather, and you want to give them natural soothing relief.

This is why we created Healthipops, a simple, tasty, fun lollipop to help solve some of our problems.

Our children have been involved from the start, especially when it comes to the flavours. They are our harshest of critics, and they have given Healthipops the thumbs up.

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